Spray Tan! £25

Looking good is now quick, easy and affordable with an automatic spray tan! 


  • Relax and Enjoy Complete Privacy
  • Flawless Tanning Results
  • A Natural Colour that's Indistinguishable from a Real Tan
  • Choose from Medium, Dark or Extra Dark Application
  • We use Sienna x 1hr Tan Spray Tan solution
  • Perfect for last minute Spray Tans
  • Creates a natural tan in just one hour
  • Can be left on for 2-3 hours for a deeper glow!
  • Only takes 6 Minutes
  • Dries in Seconds
  • 100% cruelty free & Vegan friendly
  • Conveniently Located in the Heart of Stony Stratford with Easy Access & Ample Parking. You can find Stunning Beauty Co at Unit 2, Timor Court, High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1EJ

How To Prepare for a Spray Tan

Opus 4 - Spray Tan booth Video

Watch the Demonstration Video of the Revolutionary Opus 4 Automatic Spray Tanning Machine used in our Salon.

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How To Prepare for a Spray Tan

  1. Shave Before : Shaving can remove some of your tan so we recommend that you shave before you have your spray tan.
  2. Shower at least 8 hours before : Showering opens up the pores on your body, when spray tans are applied on top of open pores it can appear as little black specs, common on the legs, and is difficult to remove without removing your tan. Leaving it at least 8 hours also gives the skin's pH balance time to settle to the best level for your tan to develop.
  3. Exfoliate : Do this the day before your appointment to ensure you remove dead skin cells so that your skin is in optimal condition for your tan to lay on. You'll also avoid flaking and patches from developing.
  4. Don’t Wear Deodorant : Deodorant can cause the tan to settle differently leaving you with an uneven colour, your arm pits can end up a lot lighter or patchy!
  5. Wear Baggy dark clothing : This will avoid any rubbing or excess residue on clothing.
  6. Remove make-up do not wear any moisturisers or creams on your face and body as this will act as a barrier and avoid perfume.
  7. We will advise you of the best after care at your Spray Tan appointment to help maintain your healthy glow!

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